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Event Name:Low Back Pain in Structural Integration The Lumbar/Pelvic Algorithm
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
  October 26-28, 2018
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
  John deMahy RN, DOMPT, Certified Advance Rolfer®
  $795 / 645 if paid before September 2, 2018
CE Credits:
  3 Elective credits per part
To Register:
  Daniel Akins
Event Date:10/26/2018
Location:NW Dance Project
211 NE 10th Ave.,
Portland, OR

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Contact Person:John deMahy
Details:A client with low back pain suffers from an array of compensations caused by joint movement restrictions in the pelvis and lumbar spine. These compensations can mislead the practitioner, waste valuable session time and delay integration. This algorithm is designed to expedite the identification and resolution of joint restrictions in clients with complications in the back and pelvis. The algorithm begins with a simple movement test which has a simple positive or negative result. That result directs the practitioner to a specific palpation test which identifies the joint restriction. The algorithm then leads you to the procedure to resolve the restriction. All of these restrictions can be resolved in 15 to 25 minutes. This will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain, inflammation, and compensations All of this without having to be an expert in spinal mechanics.

1. Recognize how axial joint restrictions mask a client’s primary pattern.
2. Learn algorithms to quickly resolve difficult structural imbalances
3. Learn spinal joint mobilization using muscle energy techniques.
4. Receive an easy-to use manual and wall chart
5. Attend a clinic to practice new skills before returning home.

John deMahy R.N. is a graduate of the Rolf Institute, The Osteopathic College of Ontario, and the LSU School of Nursing. He began his career in orthopedics and emergency nursing and has practiced Structural Integration for 33 years. John is the author of the manual series Joint Restrictions in Structural Integration. These texts present his simple and effective algorithm for the assessment and treatment of restrictions in the axial skeleton. John taught dance kinesiology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.
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