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Event Name:RMC2.16 RMC3.16 Yield: An Alternative Perspective for Effecting Functional & Structural Change. Modules 1 & 2
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
  Part 1: April 13-16, 2016
Part 2: April 19-22, 2016 (Part 1 is required for registration in Part 2.)
Course Number:
  RMC2.16 - Module 1
RMC3.16 - Module 2
  Hiroyoshi Tahata & Carol A Agneessens
  Module 1 or Module 2 - $695.00 each or $1,390 for both parts

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required for each worskhop. Please indicate which workshop you are registering for.
You can either take:
  • Module 1 only
  • Module 1 & 2 (Part 1 is required for registration in Part 2.)
Please make check payable to:
Carol A Agneessens
114 Rio del Mar Blvd.
Aptos, CA 95003
CE Credits:
  28 hours of Rolf Movement Credits  (4 days) for Module 1
28 hours of  Rolf Movement credit (4 days) for Module 2
(8 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification total)
Class Info:
  With enrollment lodging information will be sent.
Event Date:4/13/2016
Location:The Subud Center
3800 Soquel San Jose Rd
Soquel, CA 95073

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Contact Person:Carol A Agneessens

Both 4-day workshops explore new dimensions in working from the perspective of Yield. This approach arises naturally as a practitioner cultivates awareness of their own interoceptive state. Shifting to this point of reference establishes a neutral field of relationship between practitioner and client. Attending to this ‘field phenomena’ facilitates a depth of

Yield supports active participation, orientation and contact with the scaffold (the cellular matrix). The cell is the minimal unit of life. Yield underlies all other movements and supports the emergence of a coherent and motile field throughout the body, cultivating both depth and reorganization. In this context, Yield speaks to the origin of form, our embryological beginnings.

MODULE 1: Focus on sessions 1-6 of the 10-Series with Yield Touch. This workshop will:

  • Explore the embryological underpinnings of Dr. Rolf’s vision and the original movement which ‘in-forms’ human structure.
  • Deepen a practitioner’s ability to resonate within the field of relationship arising between themselves and their clients.
  • Introduces novel approaches to sessions 1?6 incorporating movement, perception, embryological expression and touch.

MODULE 2: Focus on sessions 7-10 with Yield Touch. This workshop will:

  • Place an emphasis on integration, seeing and sensing within the spacious field of relationship.
  • Explore individual patterns of movement through interoceptive and perceptual orientation.
  • Practice movement interventions which complement the flow of contra-lateral motion.
  • Engage yield touch addressing both the integration and tensegrity
    within the fascial matrix.

Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Instructor. In 2014, he presented a 3-day seminar, which was a break-through experience for Rolfing faculty and practitioners, transforming the parameters of how structure and function are perceived. In 1999, Hiro began exploring the movement of Yield and has cultivated and deepened his understanding of this primal action over the past 15 years. The approach he has developed is transformative and broadens a practitioner’s field of perception and informed touch.

Before taking the Rolfing® training, Hiro worked as a research biochemist for 9 years where he studied megakaryocyte potentiating activity, furthering his knowledge of the cellular matrix and random fluctuation. Hiro is a Rolf-Movement instructor and presently resides in Tokyo, Japan. For more information & photos of Hiro’s work: www.rolfinger.com/HirozWork.html

Carol A Agneessens: As a Rolfing® SI and Rolf-Movement® Instructor, Carol explores the dynamic interplay of function, structure, and the ongoing exchange between internal sensation and outward expression. Her understanding of the role perception plays in transforming physical, emotional and social engagement patterns is resourced through deepening studies in embryology and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

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