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Event Name:CE4.17 Integrative Perspectives on the Shoulder Girdle: the Layers of our Work
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
Region - RISI, Boulder CO
  April 27-30, 2017  
Course Number:
  Valerie Berg, Ellen Freed and Rebecca Carli-Mills
  $850 + $25 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  2 RISI Manipulation Credits and 2 Rolf Movement Credits
(2 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Class Info:
  Valerie Berg,, 505-463-0577
Event Date:04-27-17
Event Time:9:00am - 5:30pm
Location:The Rolf Institute
5055 Chaparral Court
Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301

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Contact Person:Valerie Berg
(phone: 505-463-0577)
Details:“The shoulder girdle determines the position and competence of the upper spine and head; the spine, in turn, dictates the placement of the girdle. This is the circular relation to be found in so many biological phenomena . . . This is what is meant by reciprocal.” Ida P. Rolf PhD
Join the 3 Amigas to explore the intricacies of the shoulder girdle as a process for evoking balanced structure and effective coordination in the upper body.  The shoulder girdle is a conduit through which we engage our world, influencing key actions, such as: breathing, touching, speaking, and the functionality of our senses. Our relationship with gravity, as an energizing or detrimental force, is expressed in the organization of our shoulder girdle with spine and thorax. The 3 Amigas will share their practical combined perspectives on how to work effectively with the shoulder girdle including methods for refinement of touch, specificity in fasciae anatomy, cultivation of self-care, and strategy discernment for issues resulting from structural or coordinative-perceptual patterns.
Key lines of transmission running through distinct tissue layers create and reflect the action potential of our shoulder girdle. Lower body stability along with upper pole mobility and orientation are expressed in shoulder girdle carriage. A hallmark of integration is when each discrete layer does its own particular job in concert with differentiated structure and coordination. Thus, our perception of the world around us, along with our potential for expression and action is transformed.
We can learn to recognize our client’s patterns and lines of transmission by first looking globally - how is this person’s relationship with gravity?  How does their structure tell that story? How does their movement tell that story? Where are they free to change that movement? Where do we look in order to work – where is their potential for freedom? When we begin from this vantage point, we determine what interferes with our ease and efficiency.  By learning to differentiate a structural imbalance from inhibition in coordination or perception, our vision becomes defined, and our work more logical and streamlined. 
Some topics for exploration include:
-Fascial anatomy and the planes of motion that arise from them
-Refinement in perceiving patterns of movement and their significance
-Methods for cultivating our own strengths in navigating seeing and touch
-Care and management of our own shoulder girdles and bodies
-Discernment of stabilization needs and mobilization potential
-Relationship between touch and shoulder girdle use
-Structural strategies for shoulder “issues”
-Specific rehabilitation exercises for our clients and ourselves
Valerie, Ellen and Rebecca bring 90+ years of combined study, teaching, clinical practice and living with shoulder girdles to the creation of this workshop.  Valerie and Ellen are RISI Rolfing Instructors and Rebecca is a RISI Rolf Movement Instructor.  All have active clinical practices and love the study, development and ongoing consideration of gravity’s influence on human structure and expression.  Each has developed their own perspective and approach to the fundamentals and integrative potential of our work.  We will combine our perspectives to empower you to renew and cultivate your passion for the fundamentals and integrative potential of our work. 
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