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Event Name:RMW1.19 Spirals in Motion
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
  March 8-10, 2019
Course Number:
  Rebecca Carli-MIlls & Sally Klemm
  $500 or early registration by February 1, 2019 $450.
+ $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  3 Rolf Movement Credits
24 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Class Info:
  Please contact Terri Keppinger for information regarding housing.
Event Date:3/8/2019
Event Time:8:30 AM - 5:30 PM HAW
Location:Camp Homelani on O'ahu
68 - 243 Olohio St
Waialua, HI 96791

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Contact Person:Terri Keppinger
(phone: 808-769-2097)
Details:Nautilus shells, pinecones, galaxies, and fingerprints: spiral patterns are found throughout our natural world. The spiral is a powerful symbol for creation and growth, used by many ancient cultures and religious traditions. As Rolfers, we understand the spiraling arrangement and synergistic action of fascia, muscles, and joints to produce human movement. Rolf Movement helps us work with coordinative and perceptual patterns in order for the potential of this spiraling action to be expressed with ease.

In this workshop, Sally and Rebecca will explore spiral motion to facilitate whole body connectivity and engagement with our environment. When we find ease in our natural capacity for spirals, from a single joint to whole kinetic chains, an inherent rhythmicity emerges in bodily and spatial relationships. Basic human movements, such as walking, become energized, integrative, and restorative.

The workshop will include:
  • Movement explorations to discover, value, and nurture our inherent capacity for spirals
  • Body and movement reading to see spirals that are present, unfinished, or missing
  • Specific manual and movement interventions so that joints & fascia function as conduits for motion
  • Self-care and client homework practices to cultivate a lived sense of spiral motion in the everyday
  • A bridge that joins structure with coordination and inner connectivity to outer expressivity
Participants are welcome to engage with the material from a variety of perspectives and interests. The curriculum is designed to facilitate personal embodiment and inspire practice specificity and creativity. The beauty of this natural setting provides a supportive environment to cultivate awareness, connection, and integration.

Rebecca Carli-Mills became interested in somatic movement studies while pursuing B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in dance. She earned certification in Rolf Movement® Integration in 1987, followed by Rolfing® and Advanced Rolfing® certifications. In 1994, Rebecca graduated from the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and joined the Rolf Movement faculty. Rebecca's understanding of gravity and movement potential has been enriched by her continuing studies with French movement expert, Hubert Godard, Ph.D. Additionally, she draws from training in craniosacral, energetic osteopathy, dance kinesiology and a variety of somatic movement modalities. Rebecca has a full-time practice in Chevy Chase MD.

A member of the Advanced Faculty of RISI, Sally Klemm has taught certification courses in Rolfing® Structural Integration and cranial sacral work internationally. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds a Master's Degree in Education. Sally's ability to blend an organized cognitive style with intuitive understanding reflects her fascination with the interface of psyche and soma and how that informs our direct experience. Her teaching style creates a relaxed atmosphere that supports a variety of learning styles. When she is not traveling internationally to teach, Sally maintains a private practice on Oahu and Kauai.
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