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Event Name:CE9.19 Fascial Spaces - A Volumetric Approach for the Integration of Human Structures
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Full Event Name:   CE9.19 Fascial Spaces - A Volumetric Approach for the Integration of Human Structures
  September 21-28, 2019 (Sept 23rd and 26th days off to explore the beautiful mountains of the Colombian coffee region)
8:30 - 5:30pm
Course Number:
  Juan David Velez & Peter Schwind
  $1,100 or $980 if registered by May 22, 2019
+ $50 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  4 DIRI Elective Credits
2 DIRI Required Intermediate Credits
45 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Class Info:
  Juan David Velez or 503-753-7653 ( WhatsApp, FaceTime for International Students)
Housing Info:   Juan David Velez
Hotel Campestre La Tata, near Montenegro, Quindio, in Colombia.
The nearest Major airport is El Eden International Airport (AXM) in Armenia, Colombia (23 km/ 14 miles away) or, Matecana International Airport (PEI) in Pereira, Colombia (45 km / 28 miles away).

Room and Board:
The following prices are for 9 nights/10 days, arriving on September the 20th and departing on the 29th.
Prices include three daily meals, as well as taxes and insurance.

Single occupancy room: $605
Double occupancy: $488/person
Triple occupancy: $434/person

Yes, that is the total for your whole stay!

Please note that the Room and Board fee needs to be paid directly to Juan David Velez, in full, by May 24, 2019.
Payment options are:
  • Check, payable to Juan David Velez and mailed to:
    • 4916 SE 61st Ave. Portland, OR 97206
  • PayPal to jdvelez@mac.com - Friends and Family
    • Credit card is an option if you cover the transaction fee
  • Venmo
Event Date:9/21/2019 - 9/28/2019
Event Time:8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Central
Location:Hotel Campestre La Tata

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Contact Person:Juan David Velez
(phone: 503-753-7653)
Details:A Six Day Class with Peter Schwind and Juan David Velez

Join us in the beautiful coffee region of Colombia for an exploration of Fascial Spaces.

In this class we will cover ways in which the trunk relates to the extremities, and how the inner spaces of the trunk -thorax, abdomen, and pelvis - interact with each other and with the Craniosacral System. This course has a conceptual aspect dealing with the embryological history of the cavities of the trunk, and the expression of motion in the organs. Emphasis however, will be on the practical exploration of different modalities of touch, and how they relate to the different morphologies of fascia and the membranes.

The techniques presented will cover a wide range of approaches to specific structures including the psoas major and minor, renal fascia and supportive fat of the kidneys, osseous and membranous components of the neuro- and viscero-cranium, and others. We will take a volumetric view of the body that acknowledges the dynamic relationships between Core and Sleeve.

This class will substantially broaden your view and understanding of Dr. Rolf's traditional sessions 5 and 7.

We will also reserve some time for a practicum on scoliosis.

Peter Schwind, Ph.D.
Peter was certified as a Rolfer in 1980, as a Rolfing Instructor in 1985 and as an Advanced Instructor in 1999. More than three decades ago, as the European Representative of the Rolf Institute, he organized the first workshops and classes in Europe. He assisted in Basic Classes, Workshops and Advanced Classes with Jan Sultan, Tom Wing, Stacey Mills, Peter Melchior and Emmett Hutchins. For many years he was in a conceptual dialogue with Michael Salveson and with Jeff Maitland, Ph.D. He also went through a long term tutorial with Richard Demmerle D.C. - Ida Rolf`s son - and assisted him in workshops in Europe.

Peter sees it as a privilege of our group that we allow different interpretations of Ida Rolf's concepts. On one hand, Peter's approach is deeply rooted in traditional Rolfing. On the other hand he wants to build a bridge between our work and "old style" American osteopathy and the contemporary osteopathy of France, the Netherlands and Belgium. He has studied closely with Jean Pierre Barral and Didier Prat for 30 years and participated in postgraduate courses with Lawrence Jones, D.O. (Strain counterstrain) and Barry Savery, D.O. (HVL), Rene Zweedijk D.O. (work with babies and children) and Geert Achterkamp D.O. (Structural Cranial work following the teachings of Alain Gehin D.O.).
Peter sees his main job as a teacher in searching an answer to the question: How can we deepen the understanding of our tradition and how can we learn from the expertise of other practitioners and scientists without losing our original identity.

Peter first met Juan David 24 years ago. Last September, at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute Retreat at Whidbey Island, we started a creative dialogue in which Peter realized that Juan David's volumetric approach opens new perspectives for our work. These perspectives will open our eyes for new creative paths.

Juan David Velez
"At age 16, when I first learned about Rolfing through a magazine article, I was so intrigued by the ideas that I went on a search for a book on the topic. This was before the age of the internet so after an extensive search through international publishers (There were no Rolfers or Books on Rolfing in my native Colombia at the time), I was able to find only two books on Rolfing: Dr. Rolf's book, and Dr. Schwind's first book. It was his that arrived first and so, my first introduction to the practice that would later become my passion. After more than three decades since that first introduction, it is a great honor for me to offer this class with Peter. I had the opportunity to study with him in the late-nineties, which further influenced my practice, and now I am very much looking forward to this collaboration.

I have been a Faculty Member for the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute for over twenty years, teaching in all phases of our training. I feel very committed to refining and further advancing the Philosophical Framework of our work, and strongly believe that a clear conceptual understanding is the foundation of a clear and effective practice. This, I believe, is what ultimately helps our practice transcend technique and achieve a level of mastery.
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9/21/2019 - 9/28/2019
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