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Event Name:CE3.17 A Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Training Module 4: Perception, Touch and Treatment
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Region - RISI, Boulder CO
  Module 1: October 21-27, 2016 (day off 10/24)
Module 2: February 10-16, 2017 (day off 2/13)
Module 3: June 9-15, 2017 (day off 6/12)
Module 4: September 1-7, 2017 (day off 9/4)
Course Number:
  Module 1: CE10.16
Module 2: CE1.17
Module 3: CE2.17
Module 4: CE3.17
  Carol A. Agneessens, MS. & Ray McCall, MA.
  $1095 per module + $25 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  6 Required Intermediate Credits per Module
Class Info:
  Carol A Agneessens: / 831-662-3057
Ray McCall: / 303-449-9477
Event Date:09-01-17
Contact Person:Carol A Agneessens
(phone: 831-662-3057)
Details:This foundational training delves into biodynamic theory & principles, cranial anatomy /physiology, treatment protocols,embryological development and the cultivation of practitioner presence. This approach will be immediately relevant to your Rolfing practice. The first module may be taken for cranial credit toward the Advanced Training.

Module 1: Cultivating Touch and Perception: The Art of Healing
  • An overview of cranio-sacral phenomena.
  • Principles  and Theory of a Biodynamic Orientation 
    Stillness, Resonance and Neutral
  • Cranial anatomy: sutures, meninges and venous sinuses.
  • he path of fluctuation: reciprocal tension membrane
  • Midlines of Orientation
    • Embryological beginnings
    • Energetic nodes of function
    • Perception of tides / deepening stillness / presence
  • Engaging the core-link.
Module 2: Facial Development: the emerging social nervous system
  • Anatomy of visceral and neural cranium.
  • Movement / circulation of the cranial sacral fluid
    Ventricles, aqueducts, canals.
  • Embryology of facial development (pharyngeal folds)
  • Engaging the Social Nervous System: vagus nerve (ventral – dorsal)
  • Interface with blood and heart formation: the breath of heart
Module 3: Pulsation, Ignition and Instinct
  • Embrological formation of the viscera
  • Formation of diaphragms
    Ascending and descending motility
    Horizontal membranes
  • Urogenital formation: overview - kidneys
  • Midlines of visceral development
    Uro-genital formation: kidneys, bladder and gential organs
  • Longitudinal fluctuation: potency and amplitude
    Augmentation of practitioner presence and tidal response
Module 4: Midline Manifestations
  • Embryological fluid fields of the brain and spinal cord
  • Formation of the central nervous system:
    • Engaging the notochord and its signaling center
    • The ‘back-bone’ of structure
    • The organiziing fulcrum of spinal segments
  • Tissue, Fluids and electromagnetic fields.
  • Integration and Closure
    Review – refine - reinforce
    Application of cranio-sacral skills to health and healing

Carol A Agneessens has been practicing Rolfing and Rolf-movement for over 34 years. As a member of the Rolf Institute faculty, and as a certified instructor in association with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association, her focus includes cultivating a receptive   touch, expanding perceptual dimensions, and engaging the movement of formation through the study of embryology. She has come to appreciate these as key factors for sustained transformation within oneself and in working with others.

Ray McCall has 37 years experience as a Rolfer. As a RISI Advanced faculty member he teaches basic, Advanced and Continuing Education classes both in the States and Abroad. His particular interest is the energetic taxonomy and how change occurs: how we more fully become and express who we are. Ray trained to instructor level in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

The content of this workshop is outside the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration’s Standards of Practice and therefore cannot be considered as Rolfing® Structural Integration.
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