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Event Name:AT1.17 Advanced Training
Event Type(s):Advanced Training
  Phase I – Jan 9-12 and 16-19, 2017
Phase II – Mar 13-16 and 20-23
Phase III – May 8-11 and 15-18
  Russell Stolzoff & Jon Martine
  $6,097 + $35 fees
Event Date:01-09-17
Location:Multnomah Friends Meeting House
4312 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215

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Contact Person:Karin Wagner
(phone: (503) 230-0087)
Details:The Advanced Rolfing certification course (AT) provides practitioners with a 24-day extended-format course designed to advance the diverse and complex set of skills required to develop mastery in Rolfing SI. Emphasis is on developing awareness and skills to create a client-centered approach through the application of non-formulaic principles for basic and advanced clients. As Rolfers our aim is to increase our client's ability to appropriately respond to what arises in their awareness and the environment. Dr. Rolf once noted that the purpose of the advanced training is to see their (the clients') radical individuality and to tailor our work to that distinctiveness.

The Advanced Training format aims to create a collaborative environment utilizing lecture/ discussion, demonstration, body reading and palpation practicums. Each Rolfer will give and receive work with a class partner and work on an outside client or two.

The hands-on aspect of the course is built around an in-depth, segmental, manipulation approach to human structure and function: from superficial layers to the deepest layers of segmental connectivity. The Ten Series provides a starting point for our inquiry. We will examine the internal logic of the recipe and its application from the perspective of evoking integration.

The course continues with detailed presentations of anatomy and a survey of theories aimed at describing the complex phenomenon of embodiment. The fascial matrix of musculoskeletal, neural, visceral, and cranial structures and their relevance to Structural Integration will be presented. Multi-dimensional approaches to working with joints will be presented, demonstrated and refined, and practiced, along with tracking and back-work. The instructors will draw from their more than 50 years of combined clinical experience and diverse studies to address questions that participants bring from their practices.

The Advanced Training provides ample time to delve into and refine the many skills, attributes and characteristics that combine to make an effective practitioner. We will emphasize two elements we consider essential: practitioner presence and the utilization of a broad spectrum of contact. Presence and the practitioner's awareness of self often forms the basis for a client's experience and awareness. Spectrum of contact combines many elements: the ability to relate to the needs of the client; appropriately touch each type of tissue being contacted; flow between giving (doing) and receiving (being/listening) information; and detecting and honoring the client's response. During sessions all of these elements are negotiated moment by moment. In this training each student will access, expand and refine their ability to be present with "self "and "other" to enhance the quality and effect of the client's experience.

Russell Stolzoff has always been attuned to the beauty of integrated movement. He was first introduced to Rolfing® Structural Integration in 1983 as a classroom client while completing his BA at University of Colorado. The deep physical and psychological impact of that experience led him to pursue training as a Rolfer™. He became a Certified Rolfer in 1989, and an Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1998. He completed his Rolf Movement® Certification in 2000, and became a Rolf Institute instructor in 2002. Russell has also completed extended studies in Somatic Experiencing and Bodynamic Analysis, a Danish method of body psychotherapy. Since 2010 Russell has worked extensively with professional athletes. He lives and practices in Bellingham, Washington.

Jonathan Martine was certified as a Rolfer™ in 1992 and completed his Advanced Rolfing® certification in 1997. He is a Registered Movement Therapist, Rolf Movement® Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Rolf Institute Faculty member since 1993. In addition, he has studied therapies that treat the fascial systems of the viscera (organs), neural (nerve) system, vascular structures and the cranium as well as movement rehabilitation from various sources. He has been in private practice since 1992.

During this time he has practiced in Chiropractic offices, Physical Therapy clinics, a Pilates studio, a medical based pain management clinic, and various integrative health practices. This experience has offered a useful perspective on the vast potential of complementary approaches to health and personal transformation. He finds it valuable to see how Rolfing stricutural integration, and other forms of structural integration, fit into the larger health field and identify the unique offering Rolfing SI holds. Jonathan continues his study of Rolfing SI and allied health fields to serve his clients and students and to share the "stories" that science holds. He is fascinated with these "stories" as they may clarify aspects of the mystery of transformation; while holding strong to the magic that occurs when the practitioner and client are present and aware of the environment in which we live.

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