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Event Name:Interacting Systems: Post Advanced Workshop with Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer (only for the Advanced Rolfer)
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Region - ERA
  October 19 - 23, 2020 (off October 24-25)
October 26-27, 2020 (final day will end at 4pm)
CE Credits:   7 DIRI Required Intermediate
(issued by the ERA)
  Peter Schwind & Christoph Sommer
  Training fee: €1620
Early registration by March 15, 2020: €1450
Housing and Class Info:   Contact Martina Berger
Event Date:10/19/2020 - 10/27/2020
Event Time:9am - 6pm (final day ends at 4pm)
Location:Don Bosco Haus
Sankt-Veit-Gasse 25, 1130 Wien

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Contact Person:Martina Berger
Details:Interacting Systems - Fascia as Medium of Mediation Between the Different Systems of the the Body

In this course we will explore some of the more complex characteristics of the fascial system.
  • How does fascia contribute to the organism`s integrity by building "inner bridges" between the different systems of the human body?
  • Where do we find the key spaces of three dimensional order?
  • In which way are we able to modify the quality and intensity of touch to have efficient influence not only on fascia, muscles, and ligaments, but also on the different systems that are defined in anatomy and physiology?
To get a more profound understanding of the traditional LINE we will pay attention to the transitional areas between the cavities of the trunk and their connection with the extremities. We will also focus on the areas of transition between the different lordosis and kyphosis, present within the pelvis, the vertebral spine and the cranium. This shall help us to understand how linear and nonlinear force transmission contributes to the alignment of the human body.

The course is open for colleagues who are already certified as an Advanced Rolfer™. For people who had not participated in the last Advanced Training with Peter and Christoph in Vienna and Bologna we recommend to enroll in Peters workshop about the SACRUM after the BIANNUAL MEETING in 2020.

This is not a requirement, just a recommendation to be prepared.

About the Instructors

Peter Schwind, Ph.D., has been working as a Rolfer in Munich since 1980. As an instructor he has taught basic classes since 1985. He assisted and cotaught several advanced classes since 1991 and was certified as an Advanced Instructor in 1999.

Peter has shared his view of working with the human organism by writing several books. Recently his book "Fascial and Membrane Technique"(Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier) has been published in English. Peter`s special interest is to build a bridge between what he considers to be the "classical" approach of Structural Integration and new developments which came up during the last years.

Christoph Sommer is Certified Advanced Rolfer and teacher of the European Modular Format at the European Rolfing Association. He has been practicing in Munich since 1986.

Additional training in fascia- and membrane technique (Peter Schwind) has led him to broadening the classical structural perspective. With refined spectrum of touch –  communicating with the inner human shape – his work aims at enhancing the potential for movement and human self-expression in the context of gravity.
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