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Event Name:RMC1.17 Coordination: Indicator of Integration Movements that Support and Confirm the Ten Series
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
  June 22-28, 2017 (June 25 is a day off) 9-5:30
Course Number:
  Kevin Frank & Caryn McHose
  $900 + $25 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  6 Rolf Movement Credits for full workshop
(6 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Class Info:
  Kevin Frank
Event Date:06-22-17
Location:Resources in Movement Studio
5 Franks Lane
Holderness, NH 03245

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Contact Person:Kevin Frank
(phone: 603-968-9585)
Details:What is integration through the lens of movement? Integration is reliably demonstrated through observed coordination. We can make before and after tests for each session and help clients know, visually, conceptually and tangibly, what is the purpose for each session.

Coordination can't be faked. When we see a person push or reach, we see immediately if our work has integrated or not--if the spine and extremities speak to each other in nuanced harmony, or if the girdles dominate the movement. Each session has hallmarks of coordinative success and each one builds the basis for a successful series. A successful series expresses itself thought coordinative hallmarks as well.

Session Eight shows the usefulness of the approach: it allows us to test which girdle deserves priority through Godard's "wall test." How do we prepare for 8 while doing 1-7? This workshop will be specific on these points.

This workshop takes a Tonic Function view of the structural integration ten series and allow us to experience clarity in seeing, feeling, and evoking coordinative change. This permits fascial work to be appropriately tested for practical application to life. Perceptual and coordinative works parallel to fascial mobilization to bring alive normalized movement.

Tonic Function--using the body's gravity response system to access plasticity and its application to movement analysis will be central to the workshop. Enjoying movement is a byproduct.

Kevin Frank is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Instructor, in practice since 1987. His work is sourced in study with Hubert Godard, and perceptual and embodiment practices with Susan Harper, Emilie Conrad, and Caryn McHose. Previous to becoming a Rolfer, Kevin helped found and build the Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreats in Springwater, NY.

Kevin is the co-author (with Caryn McHose) of How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness, and the author of articles on perceptive and coordinative dimensions of structural integration which can be found at under Article Archive.

Caryn McHose has taught perception-based movement for over 45 years. She is a Certified Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner, Biodynamic Cranial Practitioner, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Caryn created the experiential anatomy curriculum at Middlebury College in the 1970s and her evolutionary movement curriculum in the 1990s. She teaches her Body of Inquiry and Somatic Imagination courses internationally.
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