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Event Name:RMC2.17 Dimensions of Integration: A Movement Inquiry Retreat
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
  July 28, 2017 6-9 pm
July 29 – Aug 1 10am-6:30pm
Aug 2 8:30am-1pm
Course Number:
  Kevin Frank, Gael Rosewood & Caryn McHose
  $775+ $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  5 Rolf Movement Credits for full workshop
(5 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Class/Housing Info:
  Gael Rosewood
206-567-0018 or 303-585-0183
Event Date:07-28-17
Location:Vashon Island, WA

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Contact Person:Kevin Frank
(phone: 603-968-9585)
Details:Habits, even good ones, can be stultifying over time. Research confirms that the intelligence, strength, and resilience of our fascial and neural networks thrive when refreshed and challenged in new ways. What allows each of us to innovate and meaningfully integrate body/mind learning?

This Rolf Movement® retreat, held on Vashon Island off the coast of Seattle, is a time for renewal on many levels: resting on the earth--not the floor--space beyond four walls--alive air on the skin. It's an opportunity to renew one's relationship with Earth, and Sky, with processes
that mirror what's inside each of our bodies.

Our body is our container. The numb places are the dumb places, unable to adapt, respond, differentiate, or feel support and intelligence. As more of our being comes into presence we find new capacities to allow life to flow through--on all the channels from intellect, to emotion to functional fitness.

This five-day retreat is an inquiry that asks an open question: What process enables experiences of fluidity, lengthening, and sensory differentiation to land? What's vital for new experience to translate into new resources for you?

Topics for exploration: Gravity orientation allows our plasticity to unlock—plasticity of body shape and coordinative response

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Kevin Frank is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Instructor, in practice since 1987. His work is sourced in study with Hubert Godard, and perceptual and embodiment practices with Susan Harper, Emilie Conrad, and Caryn McHose. Previous to becoming a Rolfer, Kevin helped found and build the Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreats in Springwater, NY.

Gael Rosewood trained with Ida Rolf in 1969. She also studied with Judith Aston through the 70's. She began teaching Rolf Movement for the Rolf Institute in 1978 and helped to develop the first Rolf Movement Integration trainings. In 1989 she became a Rolfing Instructor and continued to teach both modalities until she stepped down in 1998. Her work has been deeply influence by her 38 years of study and training with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuummovement.

Caryn McHose has taught perception-based movement for over 45 years. She's a Certified Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner, Biodynamic Cranial Practitioner, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.
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