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Event Name:CE25.17 "Rolfing after Rolf": Holism in an Evidence-based World.
Event Type(s):Continuing Education

This is the post-workshop that follows the Membership Retreat on October 21, 2017.

  October 22-24
9am to 5pm
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  Jan Henry Sultan
with Juan David Velez
CE Credits:
  3 Required Intermediate Credits
Class Info:
Event Date:10-22-17
Contact Person:Colette Cole
Details:Evidence-based is a buzzword in today’s therapeutic environment. Practices like ours are suspect because we can’t prove it “works.” When we study evidence-based practice, we see a system, like Physical Therapy, bound up to the extent that they cannot work on any part of the body, but that part in which the symptoms have been identified.
In an evidence-based practice, holism is the first value to be lost. To study regional effectiveness, the researchers must deconstruct the body into thing-parts. At that level, no one looks at the neck when there are problems in the knees, and so on. Technique is studied without observing system-wide responses.
This workshop is primarily about developing your skill at session planning, and delivery. It is about working trans-segmental and across series of joints. When we have reached a place in our practice where the recipe does not govern all interventions, how do we decide what to do first?  Next? And, how to Close?  As we evolve as practitioners, we are confronted with the transition from recipe-based intervention, to client-centered intervention. Almost everyone we see has some symptoms, and many are motivated by pain or movement restriction to seek our services. Many have exhausted the evidence-based, medically-oriented methods.
This workshop will examine a methodology for coherent body reading, and session planning. The objective of spatial order and supported movement will remain, and the means, whereby, will expand.
Your take-away will be a refined decision making process and better understanding of the regional elements that make up the improved functional relationships we all work to effect. We will retain Rolf’s vision and values, and expand our understanding.

Jan is an original student of Ida P Rolf, graduating in early 1970, and having done Advanced Training with Ida in 1974 (in the same class as Peter and Emmett). Appointed to teach in 1976, Jan has taught all levels of the RISI curriculum including Basic, CE, and Advanced classes. He studied Craniosacral Therapy with John Upledger DO, and Visceral Manipulation with JP Barral DO. In addition, he studied nerve work with Don Hazen and continues to study with others. Jan has also run a full-time private practice for 45 years.

Juan David believes that our work evolves as we develop a coherent understanding of the conceptual framework of our practice. Only by understanding the principles which anchor our work can we move from a technique-based practice towards one of creative participation in our client's process of embodied maturation. Juan David teaches all phases of RISI's Basic Training, and is currently the Chair of the Life Sciences Department.

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