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Event Name:AT1.18 Advanced Training
Event Type(s):Advanced Training
  Phase I – October 1-18 , 2018
Phase II – January 21 – February 7
  Tessy Brungardt & Valerie Berg
  $6,250 + $35 fees
Event Date:10-01-18
Location:San Francisco, CA

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Contact Person:Aline Wachsmuth
Details:The process of becoming a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ is multi-faceted. It involves learning new skills and exploring the relationship between perception and embodiment. Practitioners' accumulated knowledge and practical experience form the basis for introducing new perspectives, skills, and techniques that will help practitioners to more easily and efficiently deliver effective results.

In this course a systemic approach to Rolfing® theory will cover a broad range of related topics. In-depth exploration of the Principles of Rolfing SI, and Rolfing taxonomies will be applied to the tasks of creating individual sessions and series of sessions from an advanced frame of reference.
The class includes lectures, demonstrations, pracitcums, delivering a series to a client, and exchanging a series with a class partner. An emphasis will be placed on hands-on exploration and skill development. Supervision during palpation practicums, and while working with class partners and clients, will address refinement of touch and easing limiting body-use habits.

The following will be applied to assessment, strategy formation and delivery of a series of Rolfing SI:
  • How to design and practice client-centered, non-formulaic Rolfing sessions or series
  • Functional anatomy
  • Biomechanics as an exploration of how things work, both specifically and in relationship to the rest of the system, including: myofascial, ligamentous, and articular considerations in the    application of skilled techniques
  • Creating more effective therapeutic relationships with clients
  • Techniques to improve the Rolfer's self awareness and expand her/his skills in perception
  • Focus on the body mechanics of the Rolfer with the goal of creating more ease while working
  • Expanding and refining the range of touch the Rolfer can apply to better match the needs of the client
Tessy Brungardt received her BA in Environmental Biology in 1976 from New College in Sarasota, FL. In her studies and career afterwards, she enjoyed exploring the interface of observing the natural world and the the science of how things worked. Once she was introduced to Rolfing® Structural Integration in 1979, she was inspired to take this exploration into the human realm. She became a Certified Rolfer™ in 1985 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1988. Tessy completed her Rolf Movement® Certification in 1994. She also became certified to teach for the Rolf Institute in 1994 and became an Advanced Instructor for the Rolf Institute in 2002.

Valerie has been practicing for 30 years in New Mexico and now part time in San Diego. She received her BA in Education and Dance. Her main motivation has always been the joy of unrestricted and painfree movement for everyone. She came to Rolfing from a dance injury and then teaching wilderness skills. Detours into the Chicago commodity world taught her what true stress does to the body and 5 years in Guatemala took her to Peter Levines training to understand trauma in the body. She has been teaching basic for 17 years.

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