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Event Name:AT1.19 Advanced Training
Event Type(s):Advanced Training
  Phase I – May 6-24, 2019
Phase II – September 9-20, 2019
  Ray McCall & Carol Agneessens
  $6,500 + $50 fees
($300 deposit + 6 monthly payments of $1041.67 beginning March, 2019)
Event Date:5/6/2019
5055 Chaparral Court, Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301

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Contact Person:Admission
(phone: 3034495903)
The Rolfing Advanced Training is a 168-hour course that takes place over 24 days. It is designed for the experienced practitioner and provides an opportunity to further develop, refine, and enhance a Rolfer's practice through a deeper examination of the diverse aspects of the work. The goal is to pave the way to become a more responsive, skilled and effective practitioner. The course content includes a broad range of topics related to conceptual, perceptual, relational, and manual skill sets.

The course presents a client-centered approach that uses a principle based process to inform evaluation, strategizing, and intervention based on the Five Taxonomies (Structural, Functional, Psychobiological, Energetic, and Geometric). Dr. Rolf said, "It is easier to see the likenesses among people and to work on them in the same way than it is to see their radical individuality and to tailor our work to that distinctiveness." The Advanced Training enhances a practitioner’s ability to evaluate clients and develop individualized treatment strategies.

The goal of a client-centered approach is to address the client’s “radical individuality”.
The course material will be explored through lectures, practicums and instructor demonstrations that show how to design a principle-governed advanced series of Rolfing sessions. Practitioners will also exchange a supervised, principle-based series with one another, and will have the opportunity to apply the process in a clinical setting. A portion of the course will also include each instructor’s evolving understanding, areas of interest and personal explorations of Dr. Rolf’s work.
Ray McCall, MA. This is Ray's 40th year as a Rolfer. He has an abiding interest in becoming embodied and being awake. The focus of his work is to support people in fully engaging in their lives and authentically expressing themselves in their world. Ray teaches basic classes, CE workshops and Advanced Trainings in the States and internationally.
Carol A. Agneessens, MS. For over 37 years, Carol has been exploring the multi-dimensional facets of the physical body through her practice in Rolfing, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Rolf Movement. Her continuing inquiry into the cultivation of perception, receptive touch and the embryonic waves underlying formation, fuels this inquiry. Carol’s sensory understanding of the body as the manifestation of varying densities of consciousness is foundational to this work. She has been a member of the Rolf Institute faculty since 1993. Her graduate background in special education is a resource for developing curriculums that address a variety of learning styles and which tap the unseen gifts each individual possesses.
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