The Axial Joint Restriction Series Level 1: The Lumbar Pelvic Algorithm
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1/18/2024 - 1/20/2024
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern
Event Type(s)
Elective CE Workshop
Non-DIRI Affiliated
Setting: In-Person
1780 Prytania St
New Orleans, LA 70130

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Contact Person
John DeMahy
(phone: 504-488-7555)

Non-DIRI Affiliated courses are offered by non-faculty members who have completed their Advanced Training. Certificates are issued by the member for Elective CE Credit. Inquire with the member regarding NCBTMB approval.

About the Course

Joint restrictions in the spine and pelvis immediately alter the client’s structure. These alterations can include such patterns as leg-length discrepancy and changes in pelvic inclination. They also produce localized inflammation, edema, and pain. Compensations can develop throughout the body in an attempt to avoid pain. These compensations can mislead the practitioner’s assessment, wasting valuable session time, prolonging pain, and delaying integration.

Algorithms are analytic tools used throughout healthcare to improve quality by increasing accuracy in treatment while saving valuable time. Structural Algorithms were developed by consolidating osteopathic techniques with the theories and principles of Structural Integration.
  • Recognize how axial joint restrictions mask a client’s primary pattern
  • Learn algorithms to resolve difficult structural imbalances quickly
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your client’s structure
  • Learn spinal mobilization using muscle energy techniques
  • Quickly identify and mobilize axial joint restrictions
  • Receive a step-by-step manual and charts
  • Save valuable session time and effort

About the Instructor

John deMahy is a graduate of The Rolf Institute®, The Osteopathic College of Ontario, and the LSU School of Nursing. He began his career in orthopedics and emergency nursing, and for the last 38 years, he has had a robust Structural Integration practice in New Orleans.

John taught dance kinesiology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. In 2004, he began teaching spinal mobilization using muscle energy techniques to structural integrators. Eight years later, inspired by his Emergency Department experience, where life often depends on speed and precision, John began developing and teaching Structural Algorithms in 2012.
John is the author of the manual series Joint Restrictions in Structural Integration. These texts present his simple and effective algorithms for assessing and resolving joint restrictions in the axial skeleton.
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1/18/2024 - 1/20/2024  

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