CER5.24 Effective Rolfing Neck Work
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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Mountain
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Event Type(s)
Required Intermediate CE towards Advanced Training
Event Description
  January 26-27, 2024
Times: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Course Number:
  Neal Anderson
  $450 + $75 Admin Fee
CE Credits:
  2 DIRI Required Intermediate Credits
15 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Housing Info:   Mary Contreras or check Air BnB
Setting: In-Person
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
5055 Chaparral Ct, Ste 103
Boulder, CO 80301

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Contact Person
Mary Contreras
(phone: 3034495903)

This Continuing Education class is open to Certified Rolfers and practitioners of Structural Integration who have completed an IASI Recognized SI Program.

How can we provide effective Rolfing for a resilient neck? Our necks can become inflexible and therefore vulnerable in many ways. One way that inflexibility creeps in is via postural pattern strain from doing the things that humans do: texting, working, driving. Another way is through injury: concussions, surgeries, whiplash. Necks that are resilient have the capacity to better withstand injuries and to recover quickly from life challenges. They are flexible, adaptable, and strong.

In this two-day workshop, we will explore neck work through the Ten Series themes. For example, functional bilateral support is a theme of Session 2, and front/back depth on the lateral line is a theme of Session 3.

  • How can we achieve session-ending integrative neck work that serves those themes?
  • How do we ensure our neck work serves the goals of the client within the session and the series?
  • Where are effective places to work that prepare the client for Session 7 from the beginning of the series?

We will spend two days deepening our understanding of neck work over the first six sessions (and how that translates to the entire Ten Series) through anatomy presentations, Ten Series review, and neck work exchanges. We will also look at the rib complex and how addressing rib dysfunctions can serve to increase range of motion and ease of motion in the neck and head.

About the Instructor

Neal is faculty at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, chairs the DIRI Executive Education Committee, and chairs the Phase I department. Neal trained as a Rolfer® after sixteen years as a practicing architect. This background continues to inform his work, which he describes as “working with the dynamic architecture of the body as opposed to the static architecture of a building. Gravity affects buildings and bodies alike and, in both cases, gravity is the organizing force for the structure.”

In Neal's words: "It is very important to have work that is fun and evokes laughter. For me, this is true of both my Rolfing practice and my Rolfing teaching. I love engaging with clients and students to help bring them to a higher level of function and living on this planet." He currently lives and works in Loveland, Colorado.

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