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Exploring Hara and the Transformative Field of Ma: Japanese Approaches to Rolfing® photo

Language: English

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CE Credits
1 Rolf Movement Credit
2 DIRI Elective Credits



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Course Details:

Dates: April 15, 2024 - April 17, 2024
Times: Mon. & Tue. 9am-6pm
              Wed. 9am-4.30pm
Credits: 1 Rolf Movement Credit
                2 DIRI Elective Credits

Hiroyoshi Tahata has been working to integrate the Japanese concepts of Hara and Ma with Rolfing for twenty-five years. The approach he has developed is transformative and broadens a practitioner’s field of perception and informed touch.

This workshop will explore:

  • How the spatial relationship between practitioner and client facilitates safety within a therapeutic process
  • How we, as practitioners, ‘condition’ the field from our very first encounter with clients
  • The somatic impact of the pandemic:
  • How social distancing may have affected our ability to sense field relationships
  • How the practitioner’s intentional positioning can reset a pattern of shallow breathing and create security
  • How to release eye tension related to excessive screen use
  • How we can work with Hara sensation in remote sessions

About the Instructor

Hiroyoshi Tahata, Rolf Movement® Instructor, is renowned for developing, teaching, and practicing a subtly powerful work that integrates the deepest levels of self with the informing field in which he stands. His unique approach to Spatial Somatics™ recognizes that the body is in constant relationship to the surrounding space. He has developed the concept of ‘yield’ as an approach to Rolf Movement. His articles are available to read on his website ( and he may be contacted at