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Healing Through Touch
$10.29 USD

By Advanced Rolfing Practitioner, John T. Cottingham, P.T. A survey of body therapies from ancient to present time. Published by The Rolf Institute, 1985. Soft cover book

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Remembering Ida Rolf
$17.19 USD

Edited by Rosemary Feitis, D.O. and R. Louis Schultz, Ph.D. A collection of stories about Ida P. Rolf. Published by The Rolf Institute and North Atlantic Books, 1996. Soft cover book

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Rolfing®: For Healing and High Performance
$7.00 USD

Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D., dedicated her life to the development of a systematic approach to improving human structure and well-being. This booklet provides a brief, yet informative, introduction to the Rolfing® method and how its approach to releasing deeply ingrained patterns of tension and strain has been highly effective in treating everything from neck and back pain to impaired mobility, repetitive stress injuries and chronic tension.
Sold as a single booklet.

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Collected Writings of Ida Rolf

Gravity: An Unexplored Factor in a More Human Use of Human Beings
$3.39 USD

Known as “The Blue Book,” this is Dr. Rolf’s first scholarly paper published about Structural Integration. (1962).

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Structural Integration: A Contribution to the Understanding of Stress
$1.44 USD

A reprint from the Swiss scientific journal, Confinia Psychiatrica (1973). Research-based pamphlet. 

295 remaining

Structure - A New Human Factor in Understanding the Human Condition
$1.15 USD

A paper presented by Dr. Rolf at the “Explorers of Human Kind” conference in Los Angeles, CA. (1978). Pamphlet. 

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The Body is a Plastic Medium
$3.16 USD

An illustrated booklet of children, teens and adults who have benefited from Rolfing. (1962) 

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The Rolfing Technique of Connective Tissue Manipulation
$1.15 USD

Introductory pamphlet co-authored by Dr. Rolf and Roger Pierce, Ph.D. (1976, 2003). 

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The Vertical-Experiential Side to Human Potential
$1.15 USD

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DVD & Video

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General Information about Rolfing® SI and Other Articles

Getting the Treatment...Rolfing Can Change Your Shoe Size...and More
$1.15 USD

Reprinted from New Realities (1984).

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Planes of Fascia of the Human Body
$17.25 USD

By B.B. Galluadet. New York: Columbia University Press (1931). 

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Rolfing After Rolf
$1.15 USD

A testimonial from writer Rasa Gustaitis about Rolfing, with a look into Dr. Rolf’s person. Reprinted from New Realities (1991). 

957 remaining

Rolfing for Work-Related Repetitive Injuries
$1.15 USD

By Advanced Rolfer, Siana Goodwin (1996). 

9 remaining

Rolfing Out the Fugitive Body
$1.00 USD

By Lisa Connolly. Focus on Dr. Rolf’s life and accomplishments. Reprinted from Human Behavior (March 1981).

1095 remaining

Rolfing the Female Body
$1.15 USD

By Angwyn St. Just. Reprinted from Alternative Versus Orthodox Approaches to Women’s Health. 

10 remaining

Structural Balance Opens Potential
$1.15 USD

By Advanced Rolfer, Betsy Sise.

49 remaining

Talking to Fascia: Changing the Brain
$4.03 USD

By Robert Schleip. A collection of articles on Rolfing and the Neuro-Myofascial Net (1994). 

114 remaining

The Anatomy Trains (parts one & two)
$23.00 USD

By Tom Myers, Reprinted from Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (1997).

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What Structural Integration is and Why it Works
$1.15 USD

By Kalen Hammann, Ph.D. Reprinted from Osteopathic Physician (March 1972). 

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Miscellaneous Items

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Research & Scientific Studies

A Three-Paradigm Treatment Model Using Soft Tissue Mobilization and Guided Movement- Awareness Techniques for a Patient with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Case Study
$5.18 USD

By John Cottingham, P.T. and Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D. Reprinted from Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (September 1997). 

238 remaining

Effects of Structural Integration on State-Trait Anxiety
$1.15 USD

By Valerie Hunt, Ph.D. Reprinted from the Journal of Clinical Psychology (March 1988). 

118 remaining

Integrating Manual and Movement Therapy With Philosophical Counseling for Treatment of a Patient With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Case Study That Explores the Principles of Holistic Intervention
$4.60 USD

By John T. Cottingham, MS, PT, and Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D. Reprinted from Alternative Therapies (March 2000).

216 remaining

Shifts in Pelvic Inclination Manipulation
$1.15 USD

By John Cottingham, Ph.D. and Stephen Porges, Ph.D. Reprinted from The Journal of American Physical Therapy Association (September 1988). 

289 remaining

Stress, Stimulus, Intensity Control and the Structural Integration Technique
$1.44 USD

By Julian Silverman, Ph.D. Reprinted from Confinia Psychiatrica. (1973). 

315 remaining

Tensional Forces in the Human Body
$1.15 USD

By David Robbie, M.D. Reprinted from Orthopedic Review (November 1977). 

838 remaining

The Effects of Soft Tissue Mobilization (Rolfing Pelvic Lift) on Parasympathetic Tone in Two Age Groups
$1.15 USD

By John T. Cottingham, P.T. and Stephen Porges, Ph.D. Reprinted from The Journal of American Physical Therapy Association (March 1988).

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