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ART6.24 The Art of Rolfing: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Rolfing SI  photo
09/14/24 - 09/15/24
09:00 AM - 05:30 PM MST
+ $ 75.00 (admin fee)
Total: $ 450.00
Payment options available upon enrollment
CE Credits
2 DIRI Elective Credits
14 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Winter Park, FL



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Participants will be introduced to the history, theory, and unique strategies for viewing and working with the human body in gravity both in function and structure. Participants will take part in experiential exercises, have an opportunity for hands-on supervised exchange, and participate in lectures, audiovisuals, and instructor demonstrations.

Students will learn the history of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and her theory of Rolfing Structural Integration.  Body mechanics, the art and science of body reading, the principles of Rolfing®, and some beginning hands-on exchange will be introduced.  Students will leave the class with more insight into the ways a Certified Rolfer® strategizes, works, and understands a unified theory of the human structure in the gravitational field.

This course does not certify participants as Rolfers®. Participants may not use this class as proof of certification.

About the Instructor:

Jenny Rock has always been passionate about helping people become the next best version of themselves.

Jenny has substantial experience in the massage and bodywork industry. In addition to 20 years of practical experience as a full-time Rolfer®, she was an LMT for 13 years before attending the DIRI. She has practiced bodywork in four states and started practices in all of them, involving collaboration and teamwork.

Jenny served on the Oregon Board of Massage Practical Exam Task Force (2013-2014), where they recommended that the Board of Massage eliminate the practical exam for all licensees, which includes Rolfers and other SI practitioners.

Jenny received her BA in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, trained as a life coach, and taught personal development workshops.