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Rolf Movement Training, Part 3: Strategy and Design of a Rolf Movement 3-Series - 2025 photo

€ 2150

Payment Conditions:

1. payment due 05/08/2025: € 720
2. payment due 05/09/2025: € 720
3. payment due 05/10/2025: € 710

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CE Credits
5 Rolf Movement Credits towards Rolf Movement Certification and/or Advanced Training
3 DIRI Elective CE credits
Saarstraße 5


Class Info

Dates: 10/8/2025 - 10/19/2025 (off 10/11 & 10/16)
Times: 9am - 6pm, last day: 9am - 4.30pm

This class will be taught in English


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The Rolf Movement® Integration intensive training is offered in three parts in Munich and the parts can be booked in any order and can be spread over a few years. Each part will be offered every 9-10 months. Each part will cover 5 Movement credits and 3 elective credits towards the Advanced Training.

After attending all three parts you will get the Rolf Movement® Integration certificate and can use the service mark Rolf Movement®.

Part 3: Strategy and Design of a Rolf Movement 3-Series - 2025

In this part you will focus on learning how to strategize and build a series of 3 Rolf Movement® Sessions. These sessions are not necessarily linked to the classical Rolfing® process but will support you in creating a richer tool set for meeting the varied needs of your clients. Ultimately, the intention is to support your client’s development of their body awareness and their ability to creatively sustain the benefits of what they gained from their Rolfing Ten Series process. That said, this series of three Rolf Movement Sessions could equally be used with clients who have not undergone the classical Rolfing process and may be looking for an introduction to Rolfing.

About the Instructor:

Nicola Carofiglio is a Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® Faculty member, a certified Advanced Rolfer® (2014), certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner and is based in Munich.

Before Rolfing
Having originally studied dance in Italy and Germany, Nicola became a professional dancer and later, teacher and choreographer, working throughout Europe for over 25 years. Initially a ballet dancer, Nicola’s career developed to include contemporary dance, singing, and acting. Each of these different forms of expression and body language afforded the developing, dissolving, and evolving of new insights and intuitions. Not only has Nicola‘s career as a dancer driven his interest in achieving greater flexibility and balance, but it has also allowed him the opportunity to meet and observe many artistic personalities. This has positively influenced his personal and professional development and his daily approach toward different situations, emotions, people, and cultures.