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Rolf Movement Training, Part 2: Introduction to Leading Rolf Movement Groups - 2025 photo

€ 2150

Payment Conditions:

1. payment due 03/01/2025: € 720
2. payment due 04/01/2025: € 720
3. payment due 05/01/2025: € 710

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CE Credits
5 Rolf Movement Credits towards Rolf Movement Certification and/or Advanced Training
3 DIRI Elective CE credits
Saarstraße 5


Class Info

Dates: 5/7/2025 - 5/18/2025 (off 5/10 & 5/15)
Times: 9am - 6pm, last day: 9am - 4.30pm

This class will be taught in English.


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The Rolf Movement® Integration intensive training is offered in three parts in Munich and the parts can be booked in any order and can be spread over a few years. Each part will be offered every 9-10 months. Each part will cover 5 Movement credits and 3 elective credits towards the Advanced Training.

After attending all three parts you will get the Rolf Movement Integration certificate and can use the service mark Rolf Movement®.

Part 2: Introduction to Leading Rolf Movement Groups

In this part, using Rolf Movement theory, principles, and embodied explorations, you will further explore how to create sequences and how to sustain a series of movements in exploration classes that you will be able to use in a group setting. This part is intended to assist you in creating additional support for your client’s ongoing work on themselves. It will also provide you with a new approach to be able to reach out to interested groups. Through offering Rolf Movement classes, you will be able to provide a new avenue to introduce potential clients to the Rolfing® process.

This part invites all certified Rolfers® and already certified Rolf Movement® Practitioners to participate in the newly developed aspect of the Rolfing body of knowledge – ‘leading groups’.

About the Instructor:

Pierpaola Volpones is a member of the Rolf Institute since 1986 and an International and European Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® Faculty member, she is a member of the Life Sciences Faculty of the Dr. Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration (Boulder, CO) and teaches Anatomy for the European Rolfing® Association e.V.

Pierpaola is a certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner (1986), a Rolfer® (1988), a Certified Advanced Rolfer® (1996) and an Advanced Rolfing® Instructor (2021).

Since 2006, Pierpaola has been an International Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor, while she continues to run her own Rolfing practice. As well as teaching the Basic Rolfing Training, Pierpaola is very active in setting, supporting, and teaching the modular Rolfing training in Italy.

In her continuing education, Pierpaola participated in Rolfing workshops with Jeff Maitland, Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson, and Peter Schwind. She also participated in visceral manipulation workshops with Jean Pierre Barral, Didier Pratt, and Alain Croibier. Her Rolf Movement background has been greatly informed by the teachings and workshops of Hubert Godard.

“A good Rolfer is someone who is honest and authentic, is willing and curious to explore. Learning Rolfing is a lifelong journey. Every student has different ways of learning and I integrate this very much into my teaching to ensure they reach their full potential."