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JRA Advanced Training 2024 - 2025 photo

Costs will range from ¥ 1,293,000 - 946,000 (Yen).  The cost will be determined by the number of students enrolled.

Registration Contact Yuta Otomo

Payment options available upon enrollment
Lutheran Ichigaya Center
1-1 Ichigaya Sadohara-cho
Shinjuku, To



Part 1 October 8 - 25, 2024
Part 2 January 14 - 31, 2025

This class will be taught in English.  There will be an interpreter on hand to assist between Japanese and English.

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The purpose of the Advanced Training is to explore how to develop a client-centered series or session based on the principles of intervention and the client's needs and goals. We will review the internal logic of Dr. Rolf's ten series and how the goals of the 10 series evoke integration, which is one of the most important aspects of our work. We will review neck work, back work, and tracking as ways to evoke integration. We will also explore positional strategies and movement interventions, including core connectivity, to bring about higher levels of change and integration. Along with specific manipulation skills, including increasing our range of contact, we will enhance our ability to be present with ourselves and with our clients.

When we are truly present we can perceive what needs to be done. Developing perception is a life-long process that leads to the deliberate and appropriate use of self, precise interventions, and the ability to evaluate and track the effects of our work. The course material will be explored through lectures, practicums, and instructor demonstrations.

Practitioners will exchange a supervised series with one another, and with an outside classroom client. Through these activities, we will learn to strategize and perform a principle-guided series that addresses the structural, functional, and integration needs of each practitioner and each client. Also, a portion of the course will include the instructors' latest interests, innovations, and discoveries.

About the Instructors

Ray McCall first experienced Rolfing® in 1975. As an Advanced Instructor in the Rolf Institute®, he teaches basic classes, advanced classes, and workshops in the States and abroad. He is interested in people being who they are and expressing that in the world and how Rolfing® facilitates that process. For the last several years he has been exploring the energetic taxonomy.

For over 26 years, Hiroyoshi Tahata has been practicing Rolfing® sessions. As a Rolf Movement® instructor, he has enjoyed offering the Rolf Movement certification workshop since 2009. Hiro has been developing the Art of Yield with Carol Agneessens. Using the concept of Ma and yielding, he is exploring the energetic taxonomy.