Ceridwen McKenna, Certified Rolfer

My practice in Rolfing® Structural Integration has facilitated so many lovely and strong clients in releasing postural constriction. Even more than that, I am proud to be of service to the holistic purpose! Aligning a client with their goals of freedom of movement and deeper sensual awareness of their energy patterns is a real passion for me. Along with hands-on work, I use language and metaphor, movement education, and exploration to shift the stuck meanings and gestures from the holding patterns that have lost usefulness.
Ceridwen has worked fifteen years as a Certified Rolfer in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Los Angeles, and now Providence, Rhode Island.  Her writing spans topics from storytelling to holistic healing to Rolfing SI to re-imagining a new world. In the next few months, her first book, a memoir will be done and hopefully published forthwith. It follows Ceridwen on a life-changing pilgrimage full of courage, trauma, healing, and forgiveness to Scotland back in 2011. 

I also offer discussions and workshops to small and large groups who are interested in the concepts and possibilities of Rolfing Structural Integration, stretching techniques (my own), scoliosis, and loose joints.

Integratefully Yours,

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